Singing the Song of Solomon

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I thought reading the Song of Solomon was going to be the type of Romeo & Juliet balcony scene stuff that I secretly love to read (don’t deny it, no one can resist The Notebook’s infectious romance). Filled with cheesy lines and gush that you fantasize about you are single, and can only truly appreciate once you’re in love.

I don’t mean to sound rash, but if my so-to-speak lover cried out, “Your hair is like a flock of goats, going down from Mount Gilead, your teeth are like a flock of shorn sheep which have come up from the washing, every one of which bears twins, and none is barren among them” (chap. 4 verse 2), I don’t think I would shout back, “Where out thou Romeo?” enthusiastically.

But the amazing thing about this book is that there’s so many beautiful allegories to be understood through it. One of them being to sing the praises of love and marriage between two people it’s a gift that God has blessed us with! One day when the Lord gives me a husband (that is, if He doesn’t want me to live the rest of my life alone with too many cats to count), I want to be able to appreciate my husband’s love for me, no matter how imperfect. One of the best composed thoughts on praying for my future husband is the article Dear (Possible) Future Husband by Loved By I Am. What a perspective who knows what the world will be like when the Lord prepares us to be with each other! I’m excited for what the Lord will do in our lives, I’m excited to grow in the Lord together.

Until then, the Song of Solomon means more to me as an allegory expressing the love Jesus has with His bride, the church. How undeniable His unconditional love for us is! How often do we forget that He looks past the taints and scars of the world and sees beauty. I am so at awe with the verses that describe His fervent chase for our love. “Who is this,arising as the dawn, as fair as the moon, as bright as the sun, as majestic as an army with billowing banners?” (solomon 6:10) He looks at us and sees beauty, completely glorified.

There is nothing more satisfying in this life than His love. Song of Solomon describes it unquenchable (chp.8 verse 7), something not even death can stand in the way of. Because of His love for us, He came down from perfection to die like a sinner, so that our relationship with Him could be restored. I strive to love Him more each day, to let go of my own selfish desires and choose His love. I don’t want to chase after temporary and unfulfilling things, I want to rest in His absolutely perfect love for me. And that is our message to the world. As a daughter of Jesus Christ, I am commanded to go out and make disciples of all nations. That means sharing the love of Christ with them! SHOWING them through our lives the amazing gift that He wants to give them. How are we supposed to do that if we are not filled with love ourselves?

“Father, we thank You for that love that we have experienced through Jesus Christ. We thank You, Lord, that we know the beauty, the glory, and the blessing of Thy love. And now, Lord, let us go out to declare Thy love to a needy world and to share Thy love with others. Let our lives, O God, become a fit witness of Thy love. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.”       –Chuck Smith


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