1st Verse of the Day: No Fear, Perfect Love

I thought it would be really neat to be able to do a verse-a-day. It’s short, it’s daily remembrance of the Lord’s work and blessings, and in that case I can’t post something more, I’m still posting daily! What do you think?

Here’s the verse for the day!

1 John 4:18-19

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. We love Him because He first loved us.” (NKJV)

& same verse (different translation)

“Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced His perfect love. We love each other because He loved us first.” (NLT)

Something I love to do when I’m reading individual verses is to compare them with different versions, just because there’s different wordings that help with understanding the verse(s) and application for our lives. My personal favorites are NKJV and NLT, because I love the reverence and value to the words it uses, and because my pastor uses NKJV, it makes following his sermons easier. 🙂 

What do you think? Should I do a quick, personal commentary on them? Or just leave them ‘a la carte’? 


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