My Crazy Curly Hair Story

Hello! For those of you who do not know me, I’m Jess, and I have super curly hair.

(That’s me on the right, with ma bestie πŸ™‚

All my life I have prided myself in my hair. The luxurious, soft, bouncy curls that air dry when I get out of the shower, the wonderful compliments I receive when random people come up to me saying,

“Your hair is absolutely beautiful!”

“Oh thank you!”

“Is it natural?”

yes gorgeous yeah okay adele

Oooooh how conceited I sound. Oh well.

Be that it may, curly hair is RIDICULOUSLY difficult to control and manage. The frizz, the tangles, the control that I NEVER have, and… the hair cuts.

Hair cuts are like the dentists office for me- I don’t like them, don’t feel comfortable sitting in a chair waiting forΒ whoever it is to ruin life as I know it, and certainly don’t like trusting that person with scissors in their hand. For anyone who has curly hair they KNOW that one inch might as well be four! Because, the healthier the hair, the tighter the curls (and the shorter the hair)!

Well, yesterday I got my hair cut and let me tell you- I did not handle it well.

It felt SO much shorter, even after I told my hair stylist I wanted to keep growing it out. I was thinking to myself, “I’m going to look like Shirley Temple.”

film birthday hollywood icon shirley temple

But I also told my hair stylist that I trusted him.

It’s amazing how you think you mean the words you say until the Lord takes a little bit of it and throws it away. And goodness- He let me know I took WAY too much comfort in my hair.

It all seems so ridiculous now, the whole situation. Why I was ever troubled over such a small thing, but He reminds me that I should be taking comfort in Him, and not my hair! What a concept!

So while it is shorter, it is healthy, it looks good (after much persuasion of my sister and mom), and IT IS GOING TO GROW BACK.

A whole lot of hullabaloo for hair, but it meant a whole lot in the long run for trusting God and finding my identity solely in Him.





2 thoughts on “My Crazy Curly Hair Story

  1. Jessica, I used to have the most amazing curly hair just like yours! Then one day they softened out. 😦 I totally get you though, the devastation after seeing your beautiful little locks on the hairdresser’s floor. But honestly, it looks great and the good thing about curly hair is that it grows quite quickly!
    I am Emma by the way πŸ™‚

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    1. And the worst thing about it is you can never see the growth 😦 . But, I actually really, really like this short cut on me, I think it looks clean! And it’s great for summer! So thank God we don’t have to hold on to anything we think is valuable besides Him, I realized how silly I was being that night!
      Haha! And hello Emma, call me Jess. πŸ™‚


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