Hey there! My name is Jess- and I’m learning what it means to live for Jesus.

I made this blog because I wanted to improve my writing skills, and share my thoughts about life! I am running after the Lord, trying to go wherever He leads! I really like the thought of sharing my devotionals with you, I always have a lot to say and I’d like to hear your thoughts as well! My ultimate purpose for writing is to be able to share the gospel with everyone who comes across my blog, to share hope and love and joy and, well, my savior Jesus Christ! I’m really excited for this journey, thanks for coming along!


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      1. Thanks Jessica. My daughter’s name is also Jessica! My husband and I also have a blog. We started it as a “marriage ministry” where we openly shared about our divorce and reconciliation-another powerful miracle. So sad the Lord saved me in such a dramatic way, but then my husband and I slowly fell away. But the Lord’s grip was so tight, He drew us back to each other and Him! Then we retired and became full time adventure travelers! So the moral of a this is to never take your eyes off the Lord! So that blog and testimonies are at

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      2. That’s incredible! What an amazing adventure, and wonderful way to be missionaries (in a sense)! And btw, I love your daughter’s name! 🙂


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